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Purpose of the site

This site is my small homage to the show Jonathan Creek. It is intended to act as a small online library for the show.

I don't pretend to be the font of all knowledge and wisdom on the show, but what I do know I would like to share with others here virtually. If you are part of the cast or crew for the show and would like to add your knowledge to this library I'm happy to help put it there :o)

This site has been created by a fan for the fans and is not an official site for the show. I have no ties to the production company or broadcasters who show it.

It should also be noted that the opinions expressed on these pages, in no way reflect the opinions of those at BBC or the writer David Renwick, or any of the cast and crew.

Browser compatibility

I have done my best to make this website cross browser compatible. However, I am limited in my testing as I do not have access to older browser versions. If you tell me about a problem I'll do my best to fix it, but I can not make any promises due to my limited coding experience. I consider myself a good coder, but I am by no means an expert in the field.

I have tested this site in the following browsers and found the results to work as I intended:

If you encounter problems with the layout of the site and you are using an older version of the browsers listed above, I would recommend upgrading your browser.

Apple Mac users

Unfortunately I do not have access to an Apple Mac PC and therefore no access to Mac versions of browsers for testing. Apologies to all Mac users if you are having problems with this site.


Most images used in this site are taken from magazines or official photographs for the show. I do not own the copyright on them. I use them here in order to help promote the show and hopefully help it reach a wider audience.

Images in the episode guide are screen grabs from the episode and are used merely to highlight important parts in the episode and to make the pages more interesting! Again copyright on the images is the programme makers, not mine.

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