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Pictures > Pictures of Maddy Megallen and Caroline Quentin

All the pictures are smaller than their actual size, simply right click on an image and save it, then open it in your browser or a graphics programme to view the full size. File sizes are shown underneath.

corner imagePictures of Maddy Megallen
Maddy outside Jonathan's Windmill
24 Kb
55 Kb
Maddy Megallen
16 Kb
Caroline in front of clock
27 Kb
Maddy is sprayed with red paint in the episode Ghost's Forge
9 Kb

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corner imagePictures of Caroline Quentin
Caroline Quentin.  Picture taken from the book, "The World of Jonathan Creek" by Steve Clark, copyright belongs to Capital Pictures.
28 Kb
Caroline Quentin as taken by Mark Harrison and appeared in the Radio Time 11-17 November 2000 p.112.
62 Kb
Caroline Quentin in a box
28 Kb

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